Spiritual Summer Camp

Join us weekly for a summer filled with all things Spiritual. Each week the students will be introduced to a different Spiritual tool to learn and tap into.

Week by Week

1.) Yoga and the Mind/Body connection 

2.) Intro to Astrology and how the planets effect your life 3.) Meditation, Mindfulness and Psychic development

4.) The Chakra's

5.) Crystals and Healing

6.) Angels and Intuition

7.) Essential Oils for Healing

8.)Tapping, Chanting and other healing modalities

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Children's Yoga Meet's Astrology

EXCITING NEW ASTROLOGY MEETS YOGA CURRICULUM FOR OUR SCHOOL AGED TO TEENS The relationship between the moon cycles (ie: Full Moons) and the effect on children's behaviors have long been known in the yoga world, but what about a child's Zodiac sign, houses, elements, or Birth chart? If these concepts are foreign to you, we are excited to introduce a brand new Astrology meets Children's Yoga Curriculum that we have created for our School Aged to Teens students coming this School Year.   The...

Summer Chakra Series

  CHAKRA SUMMER CAMP FOR SCHOOL AGED AND TEENS We are very excited to announce a brand new Curriculum we created (exclusive to our program), becoming available this Summer for our School Aged and Teen age groups. The Chakra Series will focus on a different Chakra (energy point) within your child's yoga body each week this summer for a total of 8 consecutive weeks. Students will be introduced to the Science and meaning behind the Chakra's and how yoga can help them achieve balance within their...

Staff Development

  With 18 years experience in the field of children's yoga we will share ways that your teachers can   ~ Implement Breathing & Relaxation techniques ~ Teach Mindfulness & Meditation Practices ~ Combine yoga into their classroom themes ~ Integrate music with yoga poses & breaths ~ Create Social & Emotional Wellness through yoga ~ Play fun yoga games that are non competitive ~ Learn yoga skills and concepts   We provide trainings for Schools, Childcare Centers, After School Programs, & Camps In...

Special Events

New events will be posted shortly.

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